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hicks adder   snake altar / autel du serpent   01-8-2020
mon dernier build en cours bientot sur le market avec la tenue les build et les animes.... work in progress soon at the market outfit builds and animations includes a hort video just for fun :) https://tube.hgluv.com/video/episode-0-1-

Hyacinth Jewell   Urban Renewal Project   01-8-2020
Homely is our sandbox for full perm, free houses and buildings. Right now it looks like a junkyard. We need help decorating and arranging it into a nice, pretty village and landscape that is fun to explore, and go house hunting! Item donations (that a... [more]

Hyacinth Jewell   Moving Servers Again..   01-2-2020
Sorry for the disruption. I have decided to move us back to the less expensive VPS units. We will be running on the same servers that we had in August. I have no idea why, but the grid actually seems much faster! :) My reasoning is that the big, d... [more]

hicks adder   temple   12-19-2019
je bricole un kit mesh pour faire un ou des temples . biento en boite ! i m making a temple kit mesh for make old temple . soon on the box !

Hyacinth Jewell   Marketplace 2.0 coming soon!   12-13-2019
I have been working on this all day. A new marketplace that delivers anywhwere on Hypergrid, much like Kitely! https://hgluv.com/NewMarket/