Random, cool places to visit, built by our creative residents!

The Mono-stery [Mature]

A much needed, chill place for coders to hang out. Many come here seeking answers. Occasionally they get a correct answer.

Deesert island [PG]

My home in HGLUV

BOMBSHELL! Barbarella's Clutterfly Mall! [Mature]

Nice Linda Kellie / Clutterfly stuff. LOTS of free shop space available for anyone who wants to do a legal freebie shop. The more the merrier! :)

under construction [PG]

parcour initiatique au boudhisme

Damn Skippy! [Adult]

Tropical island for romanic shenanigans.

Luv Plaza! - HGluv Welcome Area [Mature]

New resident info - LuvMyBod , Ruth and Roth avatars - Hicks' Creations and more!

Heavy Industries Shop at the Mall at HGLuv! [Mature]

Mesh Avatar RuthTooRC3 and mesh cartoon avatars are here. Mesh Avatar RothTooRC1 and clothes next door.

Classic Freebie Mall - LK Oldies but goodies [PG]

free furniture, womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, animations, poseballs, textures, sculptmaps, plants, buildings, prefabs, dress, dresses, pants, tops, formal, gowns, latex, jewelry, shape skin, avatar, hair, eyes, hypergrid, hg, treehouse, hypergrid


under construction live recording studios and studio stuff of Asnazzy V music and Azonic both rl indi music and HG lovers :))) All are always welcome

Litterbox 2 - Public sandbox UBODE physics [PG]

Feel free to use. 24 hour return

Sylvain Games [PG]

Lots of different zyngo style games. Got more games? Let's put them here! :)

Adopt me!

A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*

Gator Hole Bayou [PG]

Bayou Riverboat Blues , Swampland, Flies and Freebies.


Explore and collect freebies everywhere....Above all.. Have Fun!

Darkside [PG]

Darkstars Halloween Sim of Adventure and Free Pumpkins. Find your way from the Laboratory Garden to the Castle without getting mutated and collect loads of free Halloween stuff on the way. .. HAVE FUN.

LuvMyBod - Ruth Plaza [Mature]

Welcome area for HGluv Grid. LuvMyBod, Ruth and Roth mesh avatar stores. Clandestine cloning facilities. Subversive activities. Lascivious beach parties, and cute baby pandas! :D

Skate Park-WL Region Default Please [Mature]

For your pleasue and ours, Marie Baptiste with HGLUV.COM and SkySpace.nl desires to give the residents a place to enjoy those most delicous activites. With each and everyone of you in mind a number of regions has been set aside for your enjoyment!

plume residentiel [PG]

Dream dream dream................. *guide*

Shambala [Mature]

The street Party with a twist! Come on down to dance a bit to a Rock and Roll atmosphere or just kick back and listen!

Pandora's Box [Adult]

Fantasy Music Land, Magical Fun Peace Love and good Happieness

Why is my parcel not in the guide?
Make sure it is set "Show in Search " ☙ You have a full-perm parcel image set. ☙ It must have a good description.

*BUG* If your parcel image is a Snapshot from your photo album.
DOUBLE CLICK it to open the image. This saves it to the asset server.