Random, cool places to visit, built by our creative residents!

Damn Skippy! [Adult]

Tropical island for romanic shenanigans.

HGluv Starter Avatars and Info [Mature]

Did you chose the wrong avatar when you signed up? Come here to shop the entire collection! Location of the top secret Greedy Table! shhh!!!

Insanity [Mature]

Like the song Hotel California; you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave .... Created and developed by an idea of Avia Bonne 2018.

plume residentiel [PG]

Dream dream dream................. *guide*

KissNTell [PG]

The island of Love! Valentine is just one day. Love should be spread all year around. Oar made by Avia Bonne, created with editted free mesh and some freebie trees of Tosha Tyran and Selea Core. Boat by Shenn Tao.

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Watermans Wharf [PG]

This is a place for those that want to drive boats and other water craft for fun. A place to socialize with like minded people and relax. Blessings to all.


ASNAZZY V HEADQUARTERS AND OFFICE WELCOME! Asnazzy V is the 1st Avatar Recording Company with live Artists represented by Avatars. This is RL work. All Music is original music and performance by the Artists!

Hanging Gardens of Babylon (WIP) [Adult]

does it inspire you? you can add vegetation if you want it *guide*

Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds 2015 [PG]

A really nice mall area! Looking for someone to adopt!

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Watermans Wharf Party Place [PG]

This is a place for those that want to drive boats and other water craft for fun. A place to socialize with like minded people and relax. Blessings to all.

Wilderness [Mature]

Welcome to the "Great Mother" She, like any true forest, is bound to grow and subtly change from time to time!

Winter World [PG]

For those sick of summer!! :) OAR decorated and donated to the HG Community by Isis Ophelia.

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The Mono-stery [Mature]

A much needed, chill place for coders to hang out. Many come here seeking answers. Occasionally they get a correct answer.

Hyacinth's Luv Shaque [Mature]

A nice place to chill in a sober environment, and just share the luv :) /*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] NIGHT - Wuxia" RegionOverride*/

Repere des electrons Libres [Adult]

Bienvenue sur plume dream, Notre univers vous emmenera au moyen age, entre piraterie et legendes, une invation au role play et au voyage, il vous faudra etre curieux pour tout decouvrir en mille recoins cach├ęs... *guide*

The Green Valley [PG]

An Avia Bonne creation :)

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Tanelorn: Free land for cool people! [PG]

A place for wanderers to find a little place to call their own. Join the group. Feel free to pick a small (8192m ...ish) spot to make your home. Keep it pretty, low-prim, and respect others. Contact Hyacinth Jewell for details.

Village Building Supplies -Sandbox Area 4 hour auto return [PG]

Public Sandbox with a 4 hour auto return. Find all of your building supply needs here. Textures, Sculpts, Scripts, Clothing Templates, Clothing parts and bases. Build here worry free!

Garden Center [PG]

Linda Kellie's Garden Center.. plus a whole lot of new stuff! Plants, trees, flowers, waterfalls, tree houses! all kinda things for a nice garden and still adding new stuff *guide*

~*~KissKiss~*~ [PG]

Welcome to HGLuv a piece of Paradise

Dojo Zen SOTO [PG]

Nymphs [PG]

Inspired by Efteling Waterlillies in the Netherlands, a famous attraction. Idea and creation by Avia Bonne. All free mesh from Yobi3D.com

Sandbox Latest Nani - Bulletsim [PG]

Sandbox for free use. Always using the latest and experimental Nani OpenSim.

Darkside [PG]

Darkstars Halloween Sim of Adventure and Free Pumpkins. Find your way from the Laboratory Garden to the Castle without getting mutated and collect loads of free Halloween stuff on the way. .. HAVE FUN.

LuvMyBod - Ruth Plaza [Mature]

Welcome area for HGluv Grid. LuvMyBod, Ruth and Roth mesh avatar stores. Clandestine cloning facilities. Subversive activities. Lascivious beach parties, and cute baby pandas! :D

Tims Land [PG]

Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Luv Plaza! - HGluv Welcome Area [Mature]

New resident info - LuvMyBod , Ruth and Roth avatars - Hicks' Creations and more!

Popstar palace [Adult]

err,,, parcel info was no set. Probably my bad,

Chinese free OAR [PG]

No Chinese were used, harmed or exploited in any way in the making of this OAR. It's gluten free too!

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Heavy Industries Shop at the Mall at HGLuv! [Mature]

Mesh Avatar RothToo RC1 and clothes is here. Mesh Avarar RuthToo RC3 and mesh cartoon avatars next door.

The Party Barge @ Nanania [Adult]


A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*


A series of Photographs taken by Martin Spiritor thru out different GRIDS.

Shambala [Mature]

The street Party with a twist! Come on down to dance a bit to a Rock and Roll atmosphere or just kick back and listen!

Couch Potato! Furniture sandbox [PG]

Please leave furniture here that you wish to share with other residents. We will sort through them to see if they are ok to share. Any contibutions appreciated. :)

Uzuri Town Centre [Mature]

Neat little town .. OAR downloaded from Outworldz :)

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Darkstar Venus 2 Estates [Mature]

Visit the tropical fish above ground and under . Relax and take in the therapeutic views . Visit the alligators and take a freebie or two from the free to copy section . But most of all enjoy your visit and be sure to landmark as theres plenty more fis


Royaume d'Egypte . Monde actuel et ses vestiges antiques ... BIENVENUE

New Land for Valery Alexandra! [PG]

Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Deesworld Club [Mature]

24-7 Dance yourself silly :-)The nice club in HGluv--- all welcome

learning Nichiren Buddhism 'Slow Morning Gongyo' [PG]

parcour initiatique au boudhisme

Sandbox - USA - Greenville [PG]

This sandbox is at an alternate location, in case our main server is having issues.

Geisha Funland [Adult]

Japanese Style sim. Dance, party and beach. Adult oriented.

Stormhaven Plaza [Adult]

Piratey island and dance club. Please adopt me! :)

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The Neverhood [PG]

Created by Avia Bonne in 2010. Many freebies can be found in stores, made by Garry Beaumont, Elmo Figaro, Arcadia Asylum, Julius Balogh, Kathje Kittaj and Avia Bonne, all are open sim builders.

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SouzzPark [PG]

A Park to explore and relax ...Take a dingy tour...NPC enabled.... Swim with Dolphins and much more ..still under some construction ;)

Barnacle Bottom Beebop Bistro [Mature]

Enchantment under the sea for naught y nymphs and misbehaving mermen.

Copacabana HannaMontana RosanaAnnaDanna Ballroom & Laund-o-rama [Mature]

Great place to hang out, dance, be a lounge lizard and hone those social skills! Powder blue tux not included!

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Wedding and Honeymoon [Mature]

With animated furniture. A Ceremony Gazebo, Reception Ballroom, Gazebo Bar with Terrace, full furnished Main Home, Surfing Club, Beach and Huts, Epic Church, Ambient sounds, Butterflies emittersoft rolling in waves, seaguls, hidden cave

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Pandora's Box [Adult]

Fantasy Music Land, Magical Fun Peace Love and good Happieness


Iconic real world studio in a cave. Functional recording studio.

Olaf's world [Mature]

Beat the summer heat in this winter ice skating world! Build by Avia Bonne & Cata Raven 2018

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Script Library from Outworldz [PG]

Free scripts for all! Thanks to all the generous people who donated their scripts for this library to share for us all.

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Grace Romantic Ballroom [Mature]

A nice intimate little place, with beautiful views to dance the night away. /*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] NIGHT - Flyer" RegionOverride*/

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le chantier [PG]

que du mesh copy modif un laboratoire toujours en travaux. *guide*

Learning Mantra [PG]

parcour initiatique au boudhisme

An ancient hangout [PG]

Eden: A romantic monumental garden to explore, Hangouts, bridges, atmosperical spots, hidden places, flowers, trees, waterfalls etc.

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Building Supplies and Sandbox [PG]

Public Sandbox with a 4 hour auto return. Find all of your building supply needs here. Textures, Sculpts, Scripts, Clothing Templates, Clothing parts and bases. Build here worry free! *guide*

Harmony [PG]

We have an event hall, information center, Auditorium, Wedding Gazebo, Meditation Circle, Beach Hangout and Book suggestions. Feel free to come and explore as we are under construction. You will find orange spinning teleports through out the region.

Whispers [Adult]

{Kinkster Friendly Restort}


HALLOWEEN ZONE 2019 under construction but done soon. Steampunk, Halloween, FAE folk region getting ready to do parties enjoy! :)

Sagan Chapel - Unitarian Universalist and Interfaith Fellowship [PG]

A welcoming place for fellowship, celebration and support for all of good will. Come join us for services, gatherings, and discussions. Named in honor of Carl Sagan, on his birthday. He is a source of inspiration to many of our Faith.

Darkstar Central [PG]

Darkstar Server Central Portals and over 40 FREEBIE boxs including masses of original textures.

BOMBSHELL! Barbarella's Clutterfly Mall! [Mature]

Nice Linda Kellie / Clutterfly stuff. LOTS of free shop space available for anyone who wants to do a legal freebie shop. The more the merrier! :)


under construction live recording studios and studio stuff of Asnazzy V music and Azonic both rl indi music and HG lovers :))) All are always welcome


Explore and collect freebies everywhere....Above all.. Have Fun!

Tara - Free land for HGluv Residents [Mature]

Tara is intended to be beautiful countryside, with a celtic feel. We all cooperate and help each other to keep it beautiful and lag free for everyone. Come take a look! :)

Wardrobe Malfunction! [PG]

This is a sandbox for residents to drop off clothing to share with other residents. We will sort through them and see what is safe to share. Any contributions appreciated. :)


Our awesome new welcome plaza for HGluv Visitors! Come check it out! :)

Litterbox 2 - Public sandbox UBODE physics [PG]

Feel free to use. 24 hour return

Oneiros: Once Upon a Time.... [Adult]

When you enter Oneiros, you become a character in a book. As you follow the path through the region, you'll encounter other book characters and learn their story. An immersive mystery for you to enjoy. Please join the group for future events.

Tanelorn Memorial Garden [PG]

Please feel free to leave small memorials to friends and loved ones.

On the way to Eelaadwis ... [Mature]

Stranded the shipwrecked stumble ashore, not knowing where they've come, surrounded by a mindful mist or is it their foggy minds playing tricks. A voice is calling them, up come here this way to the good land you may find, if you can lift your foggy spell

The Litterbox BulleSim and Super NaniCitnhSim 3000 testing area [PG]

24 hour return. Using Bullet physics and Bullet meshing.

Arcadia Asulum Stuff! :) [PG]

All kinds of assorted goodies :)

Happy Hour Inn, Tanelorn Village [PG]

A gathering place for friendship and support for those in recovery and allies. This week: Apr 24 - 30 Open meetings at 11AM and 5PM (UTC) Come help us get going! A friendly place to host gatherings, as well as to just hang out and have a good time!

Heavy Industries Shop at the Mall at HGLuv! [Mature]

Mesh Avatar RuthToo RC3 and mesh cartoon avatars are here. Mesh Avatar RothToo RC1 and clothes next door.

Gator Hole Bayou [Adult]

Bayou Riverboat Blues , Swampland, Flies and Freebies.

OSGRID Elven Forest - Martins Fantasy Forest [PG]

Visit the Magical Fantasy Garden and Photo Studio and be enchanted!

Hang Gliding and sailing [PG]

Isis Ophelia creation - Available for adoption, and TLC :)

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Flotsam Village, Tanelorn [PG]

A slightly pirate themed village, Come enjoy a grog, visit our quaint shoppes, shoot cannons, burn buildings down. Shops are available for the right sort of scum to adopt and peddle their wares. *guide*

under construction [PG]

parcour initiatique au boudhisme

Homely Homes! [PG]

Please come and share any houses or buildings that you have! We are trying to come up with a collection of nice, and LEGAL stuff to share. :)

Autumn Castle [PG]

Beautiful little castle and grounds.

Sweet Spot in Holland [PG]

Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Under Water Merfolk World - by Isis Ophelia [PG]

Fantasy World ~1000 prims - add your own NPC Mermaids & Mermen. Mermaid avatars here: http://hypergrid.org:8002:aqua dark. NPC Tools inside the Credits board @ landing point

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