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Just drop some snapshot textures into a scripted prim and off you go! :)
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New user registraions are on hold for the time being until some issues are resolved.
If you would like to register, please send a message to Hyacinth Jewell for details. Thanks.

Grid is Online
Users in world: 13
Online Last 30 days: 37
Online Last 24 hours: 9
Active Percentage: 58%
Total Users: 63
Total Regions: 74 (352*)
* Total count for all sims as if they were 256 by 256 meters
Intellectual Property
One of the goals of this grid is to ethically gather great OpenSim content that people can feel good about using and sharing!

Because of the nature of this medium, it is impossible to judge, on face value, the status of content from other grids, that finds it's way here.
If you are a content creator, and feel that your intellectual property rights are being infringed, we are willing and eager to work with you to ensure that the rights to your work are respected. If you have a claim, please click here for DMCA form and instructions.
...or you can simply discuss it with one of our admins. We are happy to accomodate any reasonable, credible request.

If you are a content creator, and are pleased that your work is finding a good home. An outright blessing or explicit permission would be wonderful too! :)