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Grid is Online
Users in world: 32
Online Last 30 days: 43
Online Last 24 hours: 8
Active Percentage: 26%
Total Users: 164
Total Regions: 116 (634*)
* Total count for all sims as if they were 256 by 256 meters

SORRY FOR ALL THE RESTARTS! We have been doing a lot of work on the grid to help fix bad teleports, increase loading speeds on regions. Please be patient. We are making progress and many of the regions seem much faster.

HEY!! I HAVE MONEY!?!? We have added the Money Module to our grid. Don't worry! We are not going commercial.. EVER! This is just for fun. We would like your ideas on how to make a *nice* money system for our grid. You will never have to "buy" grid money.. but it would be neat to have some kind of system where people are rewarded and valued for their service and creativity! Let's hear your ideas! :)


Has a neat search fuction that lets you check out what's cookin on the grid. Shows all of the public places listed in search. :)

The forums are back online!
To combat spammers.. in order to register, you have to first come visit us in-world at any HGluv region and be in the logs, as a resident, or as a Hypergrid visitor. So if you want to use the forums, you have to visit our grid and tell Hyacinth how smart and pretty she is. Maybe dance with her. Can't hurt. ;)
HG Address: plaza