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Grid is Online
Users in world: 18
Online Last 30 days: 52
Online Last 24 hours: 13
Active Percentage: 36%
Total Users: 143
Total Regions: 86 (616*)
* Total count for all sims as if they were 256 by 256 meters

Thursday/June 7th - HGluv is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!!! WOOHOO!

It has awesome balancing, and we are now at 20 CORES! woohoo!

We are still in the process of bringing regions up.
If you notice a region is down, please do not panic. Nothing is lost. If your region is not up, please contact Hyacinth, and we will put it back up for you. :)

If any items got lost in the shuffle, please do not yell at Hy. There are backups of everything that can be restored.

The forums are back online!
To combat spammers.. in order to register, you have to first come visit us in-world at any HGluv region and be in the logs, as a resident, or as a Hypergrid visitor. So if you want to use the forums, you have to visit our grid and tell Hyacinth how smart and pretty she is. Maybe dance with her. Can't hurt. ;)
HG Address: plaza